Domain Suggestion Tools and How to Find Your Perfect Domain Name

Domain Suggestion Tools and How to Find Your Perfect Domain Name
By Graham P Bailey

Is it important to choose the right name? As you might have guessed, when it come to internet domain names, yes it is. There are several things we have to take into account before choosing that ideal name, bearing in mind before you begin that the chances are that the desired name won’t be available! There are a vast number of domain names on the internet, and the really short focused names have been in use for quite some time. There are some other factors affecting your choices, the most relevant is the kind of activity – do you rely on the internet for your main income, or do you generally have local clients for your income? Is it as simple as using one of the many free domain name suggestion tools, or is there more to it?

These questions are critical, as they change the level of importance attached to your choice of domain name. For an internet-dependent activity, the Holy Grail for all websites is to be found on Google for high-traffic keyword combinations. This is organic search traffic. If you are concentrating on local customers, then both the name of your domain, and your overall commercial strategy, will be different. If you are marketing ‘guitars’, lets say, its definite that you will not find a name to exactly match this very broad keyword, because this is our goal – to find a domain name that is precisely the same as a keyword that searchers are searching for. The broader the keyword phrase, then the more competitive it is. This greatly reduces the chance of purchasing a reasonably priced domain name for that keyword. So how to find that elusive name?

The response is by choosing a long-tailed keyword, which uses more than a couple of words, but returns a reasonable Google search volume. Our main keyword ‘guitar’ is much too general, and a query on Google will return several million pages, and so it’s far too competitive. Now lets focus on ‘left handed folk guitars’, for instance, then there wouldn’t be so much competition. Not only would the competition be less fierce, but the possibilities of purchasing a name to match precisely that long-tail keyword phrase are now quite favorable. This is important factor in Google’s search algorithm, but no-one knows what weighting the program assigns to this element.

It seems likely that any domain name needs to precisely match a desirable key word combination to have the best chance of success, particularly if your on-page SEO (Search Engine Optimization) also focuses on that keyword. With a local business, it’s not so difficult, as you only need to inform people within a certain physical distance to find you, and the tactics are different.

For local businesses, a domain name suggestion tool could be used to find your domain name, as you are not going to depend on organic search traffic. In this case you would depend heavily on on-page SEO, and also the site should be more of a description of your local service for people who have found you by traditional local advertising methods.

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